Holidays: Pompei

Pompei is a village of about 25.000 inhabitants in the region of Campania, in the province of Naples.
It is in the metropolitan area of Naples, and has one of the world most visited archaeological sites.

The origins of the village are very old and during the Roman domination Pompei was one of the richest and more powerful towns of the Empire.
Today Pompei is famous worldwide for the archaeological remains of the Roman town, which was completely covered by the eruption of the Vesuvio in 79 A.D., but has also beautiful beaches on the Naples gulf.

The economy of Pompei is mainly liked to tourism.

The remains of the city were discovered by chance in the XVII century, but only in the first years of the 800 the first digging campaigns were started and a lot of treasures were found.
Today the digs of Pompei are one of the most visited and famous archaeological sites in the world and there are many buildings, frescos and house furniture that is possible to admire.
Moreover than the digs in Pompei it is necessary to admire the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Pompei, which one of the most important Marian sanctuaries of Catholicism. It was built at the end of the XIX century.

The beaches of Pompei are beautiful and very crowded in the summer.

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