Guerra Ucraina- Russia

Ernesto Bodini

Even with all due respect, I cannot start with Dear Mr. Putin, because Egregio in our Italian culture is equivalent to Illustrious, a title that is usually reserved for people of particular respect. Of course he will still want to apologize for this frankness, also because being honest is part of my ethics towards anyone. But coming to the point, I turn to you because I cannot manage to take note every day of so many deaths, suffering and destruction against the Ukrainian population, by an army that you and your subordinates command. But whatever the reasons for internal and / or international politics, I believe that you have another enemy to face, that is your conscience that directs you to suppress, albeit indirectly, human lives, and inflicting suffering and humiliations on those who … fails to suppress. But who am I to dedicate this open letter to you, and that potentially the whole world could read, sooner or later? I am an Italian citizen with defects like my other fellow men, but at the same time not without the utmost consideration of human life, and I would never dream of suppressing it even if I were his subject, and for any reason. I know well that managing a country like yours, rich in history, progress and endowed with international power, but also with equally questionable protagonists, is not an easy undertaking; but I can’t imagine the reasons that led to his dedication and rise to power… but above all by implementing it with particular determination in this current circumstance. We know, wars have always existed, but over the centuries they have almost never solved and taught anything to man who, just to be constantly frank, is behaving like crayfish: instead of going forward, he goes backwards, a regress in terms of human and existential conception, because suppressing a life or harming it is always a determined choice if not premeditated for some time … Among the approximately 1o7 / 110 billion people who until now have populated the planet Earth, not a few to various titles have had a role like yours, and therefore all united by that sense of omnipotence and relative behavior that does not discount anyone and, at this point, I ask you: how do you feel when you give certain orders to your subordinates and that these do they report that they have carried out them by presenting the bill for the day which consists of a certain number of deaths, injuries and devastation of the common good? Do you think you have reached a milestone to the point of guaranteeing an “added value” to your country, and consequently of satisfying your Ego to the point of being elevated to catharsis? If we think carefully about procuring the death of one of our fellow men, who we can more appropriately define our brother, is not part of the plans of any religion (apart from Islamic extremists …); moreover, what would he say if such actions were to strike his dearest loved ones for the same reasons? Whatever his answer, it would be difficult for me to believe it and even less to discuss it, well aware that the neurons that control his thoughts, his choices and his decisions, are the “mysterious pearls” with which he is endowed, just like those we all possess us, with the difference that his have lost clarity and value, turning into deadly weapons to weaken or suppress a people. But it is not with war that war is fought, Mr. Putin, but with reason and the effort to understand even those who are our enemies, while observing the right of action in self-defense … Once someone said: “Qui sine sino est vestrum, primus lapidem mittat “, so you, like myself and all our fellow men, are not included in this Latin phrase, which has made the history of Humanity in making us understand that everyone is wrong and commits sin towards oneself and towards one’s neighbor , but with the imperative to remedy it and no longer commit. And when this massacre ends, slow and costly will be the reconstruction of a country which does not lack the solidarity of other peoples who, like me, repudiate any war action with the right to live in compliance with the Laws of Nature…! I conclude with a final question: are your current choices a right or an inevitable conscious sin? If you answer me with the utmost objectivity, she too is among those who are part of a certain group of Dante and, given the severity of the supreme Dante, I leave you to decide which group to belong to … without meeting at that time all those who have perished under its policy … uncontrolled. Ernesto Bodini (journalist and columnist: in life and for life)

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