Kenya: the Grey village, a group of women needs help.




The story

The Grey Village was created in Malindi, in Kenya, in 2006.

In these years in the Grey Village a group of women have been taught to do many things.  Now they are able to offer many things to sell like cocoa bread, jams, baobab honey and many other handcraft items.

Today the Grey Village is ready to face a new challenge.

In agreement with the local authorities, the group will try to address its own engagement towards a development able to involve a large group or women, not only the ones who already take part in the project.

For this aim, it will  become a school where the women of the group will be the teachers who will teach to the other women of the Sabaky community, where Grey Village is set, the same activities they have learnt.

The Sabaki is a territory with a touristic attitude, so the aim of the project is also to help the whole population to manage the activity that could come out of this project.

How the Grey Village would like to get the economical autonomy needded to assure a serene development of its activity?

In these years the Grey Village has received many italian people who have been offered to live with the african people and exchange with them in a absolute respect.

We consider this esperience absolutely needed for those who would like to live an engagement which enable him to know local populations, with a very different culture.

So the Grey Village, a “School of ecologic development”

We hope to be able in two years to have an exchange with paying Italian or European students that will be the financiators of the school for women of Sabaki.

Italian guests are and will be accepted paying a fee of 15 euros per day.

This is what they need :

–          To be helped for about two years to conclude the education of the group of women. Now the salaries are 300 euros per month.

–          A  generator to pump water (Problem to be solved urgently because now we pull up by hand about 5000 liters of water a day) – waiting to be quoted

–          A sewing machine with pedal – about 500 €

–          A scooter. We had one that was our only means of transport but it broke – budgeted cost about 700 €

Two cabins for guests, complete with bathrooms – estimated cost € 5000.

 Translation: Veronica Atzei

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