Foreign authors wanted, to write about Cagliari

Foreign authors wanted, to write about Cagliari

by Marcella Onnis

Translation by Veronica Atzei

“Foreign authors wanted, to write about Cagliari”: this is the advertising which could summarize the literary prize promoted by the T-Hotel in Cagliari. The work to do is to write down a new portrait of the Sardinian town; the available places are six, and are reserved to foreign writers who have already published in their home country at least one narrative work for a big editor.

The initiative, called Cagliari Ritratti dal mondo (Cagliari, portraits from the world), has a well-known forerunner: the series “Cagliari”, which includes nine portraits of the town written for the T-Hotel by nine Italian writers: Dacia Maraini, Sandro Veronesi, Marcello Fois, Alberto Capitta, Nicola Lecca, Maria Giacobbe, Paola Alcioni, Roberto Alajmo e Piera degli Esposti.

Among these nine writers there is the director of the new series: Nicola Lecca, who is able to tell stories about far and different cities with sensitivity and liveliness.

The authors who are interested have to send their candidatures within August, 30th 2012 and cross finger, even because the six winners – to tell their experience in the town – will have the possibility to stay in the luxurious T-Hotel for a week.

The series “Cagliari Ritratti dal mondo” will be composed of three books. In each book there will be two stories, in Italian and English. The first book will be presented in December 2013 and the two following in 2014 and 2015.

The only flaw of this initiative is that books will not be on sale, but could be read only by those who will stay at the hotel. Maybe in the future they will become available.

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